• Gun
  • Flower
  • I Awake
  • Little Joe
  • Hand Of God
  • Hunted Down
  • All Your Lies
  • Kingdom Of Come
  • Circle of Power
  • (How Many More Times)/ Incessant Mace
  • Problem Child
  • Sunshine Of Your Love
  • (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)/ Thank You (Falettinmebemicelfagain)
  • Beyond the Wheel
  • Nothing To Say
  • Earache My Eye

Band Members

Show Notes

"Incessant Mace" opens with an extended tease of Led Zeppelin's "How Many More Times". This show is like Soundgarden's classic rock revue. Crazy.


Source Gen Equipment Notes Circulating?
AUD #1 unknown analog audience audio Yes
AMT #1 amateur audience video [incomplete] No