We do not currently have a setlist for this show. Please contact us if you do!

Band Members

  • Chris Cornell

  • Kim Thayil

  • Matt Cameron

  • Jason Everman

Show Notes

Chris Cornell spoke of this show in an interview: "We played three shows in Canada, and it was kind of different for us. We didn't have people yelling for us...well, we did, (but) not in Montreal. In Ottawa we had a lot of fans there. But Voivod would come on and it was like (simulated crowd noise),'Yeah!' We played Detroit and there was 800 people in St. Andrews. People just went crazy, stage diving all over the place. We get done and 200-300 people leave. Then they (Voivod) start, and people start walking out. It's been that way for the past five weeks." He added: "We played Canada and we were intimidated. God - it's gonna be like this - we're not used to this. We're used to having a certain degree of success. Whenever we needed to play well, an important show or so and so is out in the audience, we played great. The bad shows were all inconsequential."


Source Gen Equipment Notes Circulating?
AUD #1 unknown analog audience audio No