Setlist (Incomplete)

  • Birth Ritual

Band Members

  • Chris Cornell

  • Kim Thayil

  • Matt Cameron

  • Ben Shepherd

Show Notes

Filming for Singles. While I had suspected this might actually from one of the warmup shows in August/September 1991, a read of Cameron Crowe's diary on the making of Singles reveals that main filming wrapped up in early summer 1991, a few months before the warmup shows; in fact, the film was into the editing stage by August/September 1991. while Crowe mentions the exact date and place they filmed Alice In Chains, he makes no reference at all to Soundgarden's performance. As main filming of the movie wrapped up in early summer, I would place this performance sometime in April or May. It is unknown whether or not they performed any other songs besides "Birth Ritual". First performance of "Birth Ritual".


Source Gen Equipment Notes Circulating?
PRO #1 officially released professional video with soundboard audio [incomplete] Yes