• Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  • Hands All Over
  • Face Pollution
  • Room A Thousand Years Wide
  • Big Dumb Sex
  • Drawing Flies
  • Incessant Mace
  • Gun
  • Rusty Cage
  • Outshined
  • Mind Riot
  • Beyond the Wheel
  • Jesus Christ Pose
  • Somewhere
  • Slaves & Bulldozers

Band Members

Show Notes

There are several different recordings of this show. Trying to figure out which is which is a task that continues to this day!


Source Gen Equipment Notes Circulating?
AUD #3 DAT audience audio [Sony TS-155>Sony TCD-D3] No
AUD #2a unknown DAT audience audio [incomplete] Yes
AUD #2 unknown DAT audience audio [complete?] No
AUD #1 unknown analog audience audio [incomplete] Yes
AMT #1 amateur audience video Yes