• Jesus Christ Pose
  • Spoonman
  • Let Me Drown
  • Mailman
  • The Day I Tried To Live
  • My Wave
  • Room A Thousand Years Wide
  • Black Hole Sun
  • Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  • Superunknown
  • Rusty Cage
  • Half
  • Mind Riot
  • Fell On Black Days
  • Slaves & Bulldozers
  • Kickstand
  • Face Pollution
  • Like Suicide
  • Encore

  • Somewhere
  • Head Down
  • Limo Wreck

Band Members

Show Notes

Clips of "Let Me Drown", "The Day I Tried To Live" and "My Wave" are circulating from the pro-video. Chris had problems with his guitar during "Let Me Drown" and threw it down in disgust, nearly hurting some fans in the front row.


Source Gen Equipment Notes Circulating?
PRO #1 single-camera professional video with soundboard audio No
AUD #2 DAT audience audio [Sony ECM-909 > Sony TCD-D7] Yes
AUD #1a unknown DAT audience audio [incomplete] Yes
AUD #1 unknown DAT audience audio [complete] No
AMT #1 amateur audience video Yes