• Spoonman
  • Jesus Christ Pose
  • By Crooked Steps
  • Room A Thousand Years Wide
  • Taree
  • Superunknown
  • Fresh Tendrils
  • The Day I Tried To Live
  • Been Away Too Long
  • My Wave
  • Worse Dreams
  • Mailman
  • Loud Love
  • Fell On Black Days
  • Blow Up The Outside World
  • Ugly Truth
  • Hunted Down
  • Ty Cobb
  • 4th Of July
  • Encore

  • Non-State Actor
  • Outshined
  • Beyond the Wheel

Band Members

Show Notes

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Source Gen Equipment Notes Circulating?
AUD #1 WAV audience audio [Sonic Studios DSM-6P > Edirol R09] Yes
AMT #1 Amateur audience video

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